as the names says... it imports PLY-files (ascii/binary, big & lil endian)
 here you find some files to import:
 The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository
 Large Geometric Models Archive

replace or add to scene -

name of imported object -

flip axis, (Z is up) -

 all faces get same smoothing-group -

center pivot, or it will be at [0,0,0] -

weld vertices after import, -
this is a time-conuming process!  
to be used only if really needed.  

donations welcome -->

- -file content

- import normals

- import texture coordinates

- import vertex colors

- import vertex illumination

- de-gamma correct vertex colors 

- import vertex alpha

- import materials
  Standard, Physical or none

- scaling

 - supports vertex alpha and vertex illumination

 - supports import of multiple ply-files from different (sub-)folders, see included "multi-import.txt"

 PLY-files can be huge, don't blame me if Max runs out of memory and quits :)

 exports PLY-files (ascii/binary, big & lil endian)
 the ply-format supports only one object per file,
 multiple objects are exported to multiple files into a folder named as your export-file, with an additional file (*.ply-list)
 the importer can read such "ply-lists", see included readme.txt in the zip-file.

flip axis, (Z is up) -

export hidden opbjects -

exported facetype -

scale objects on export -

donations welcome -->

- export normals

- export texture coordinates

- used map-channel for uv-export 

- export vertex colors

- export vertex illumination

- gamma correct vertex colors

- export vertex alpha

- export materials
  supports Standard and Physical Material 

- export format
  (ascii/binary, big or lil endian)