...i won't bother you here about how good/nice/fast/interactive this stuff is
just try it, it's free...

...just consider a click on the orange button below the menu,
if you use something for production

I have been using 3DS Max for a long time and am very confident in the plugs I have written for it.
XSI is a different beast and while I have tried my best to ensure all is 100% working,
you may come across something that needs correcting or improving.
I am open for comments and suggestions, whether they be good or bad.

This is not a rant, more a clarification:

I was in the process to upload an updated ivy...
out of the blue i received a donation-notification
0.01 Euros <-- a joke?, it wasn't the first one, but... it's the last one
this translates to me as: "fuck off with that useless bullshit"

so i decided not to update it, and removed the current one also, the web is full with BS

you can share the zip-file on any site or torrents or whatever, you can also delete it
there are lots of tutorials on the web, somewhere it was rated as one of the 10 "must-have"-plugins,
google for "guruware ivy" - after 10 pages i stopped clicking "next"
must be useless then

downloaded more than 35.000 times, 17.000 connections per month
the sum of donations in 8 years didnt even cover the domain-cost, which i only have for... you?

and please dont start donating now out of pity, dont need that either
also dont need a beer, i'm not drinking alcohol

remember: this is not a rant, maybe it sounds like, but i can assure you
actuially having fun writing this

now i have more time to do stuff i like,
"keeping up the good work", and play with toys i don't share anymore, at least not for free

thanks to all who have donated more than 0.01 - the "you?" above is not for you

 based on Thomas Luft's Ivy Generator
 grow ivy's on any model in your 3dsmax-scene,
 good for hiding imperfections on your models :)

 v0.976b for 3ds Max 2010 up to 3ds Max 2018
 last update: 09.05.17
 Mesh Link
 A procedural object for loading single files or file-sequences using supported importers
 (for now OBJ and PLY, see gw::PlyImp).
 You can also load an "Object-File-List" (*.ofl), this files are similar to Image File Lists (*.ifl)

 Included is a slightly improved obj-importer.
 This is the same importer which comes with 3dsmax, but with some minor bug-fixes,
 speed-improvements, vetexcolor-import and a redesigned importer-dialog.

 v1.0 for 3ds Max 2018 up to 3ds Max 2020
 last update: 03.11.2019
 Cache Modifier
 This Modifier allows you to store the the current status of modifier-stack.
 Basically you can collapse the modifier-stack while keeping the history of the stack.

 v1.1 for 3ds Max 2014 up to 3ds Max 2020
 last update: 25.10.2019
 PLY-file importer
 imports scanned high resolution data including vertex colors, materials, uv's and textures
 version 1.40 adds a PLY-Exporter and support for Physical Materials
                    and supports Autodesk's Plugin Package format (see readme.txt in zip-file)

 v1.40 for 3ds Max 2016 up to 3ds Max 2021
 last update: 02.11.20

 Terragen importer
 imports Terragen terrains, camera/sun/render-settings
 100% match of a tg-render with MAX/XSI camera view
 don't use curved terrains, they won't match exactly (needs to be fixed)

 v0.75b for 3ds Max 7 up to 3ds Max 2010 x64, SoftImage|XSI 5.x (v.07b) <-- update canceled
 last update: 07.08.09

 export to ZBrush-reimport to 3ds Max, export as obj, and again and again, and...
 then you possibly end up with wrong uvs (which is NOT the expoters fault btw.)

 This small utility tries to fix that issue, when you got stuck with messed up UV's.

 <--- the download is over there, just above the donate-button :)

 for 3ds Max 2015 and 1016
 last update: 01.10.2015
 a interactive terrain generator, far from being finished...
 it exports terragen-terrains, normalmaps and tga-files
 you can also generate seamless procedural textures, but that was not my intention :)